Patrimonial security and solidity

We are your investment partners and allies

Income in dollars generated in the U.S., product of the rent of the acquired properties

Investment options are offered on properties leased to solid companies with long-term viability

Patrimonial protection against adverse economic variables of the market, you are an OWNER

Investment process strategy

  • Identification and selection of properties by a group of professionals with proven experience.
  • Detailed study and analysis of the properties under contract.
  • Focus on properties rented to solid corporations with long-term contracts, under the NNN modality.
  • Development of the financial structure for the benefit of the property and investors.
  • Preparation of the financial and business plan. In order to maximize profitability and
    minimize risk.

  • Detailed investigation that requires the requirements and criteria established by the company and local financial institutions.
  • Long-term contracts. Investor with real estate and participation in decision making.

  • Patrimonial security with legal certainty.
  • Integration of the investment group.

Our properties

Walgreens South Bend, IN

Santander Bank New Haven, CT

Author Solutions Bloomington, IN


Santander Bank Boston MSA, MA

Walgreens Dollar Tree Tucson, AZ

Nave Industrial Fort Worth, TX

State Street 75

Santander Bank Gloucester, MA

Suites de Oficinas, Memphis

Walgreens Fairbanks, AK

Office Depot Pascagoula, MI

Rite Aid Garden City, MI

Walgreens Dollar Tree Cincinnati, OH

MIR Investments. Selection, investment and administration of real estate in the USA.

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